Of course, programs play an important role in organ concerts. It is important that all available information is included and that a fixed structure in terms of classification is given:

- full name of the composition

- opus nr.
- full name of the composer
- year of birth and death of the composer ( only when needed )

In the early years, this had as a consequence that I had to visit many libraries and had to inquire frequently to acquire the desired in formation. About unknown, romantic composers in particular, there was not a lot of information to obtain. Later, with the rise of the internet, it became a lot easier to obtain the information. Furthermore, I think it is important that a performance shouldn’t last longer than an hour. This inevitably leads to a puzzle with regard to the measurement of time.

To keep the program vivacious my aim is to make a choice between works from different countries and time periods. Variation in pace and dynamics also play an important role. Fixed parts in the program are an introductory and closing chorale setting like the grandmaster Jan Zwart.

As the years went by the technical part of putting the program on paper became easier. In the beginning I had to wrestle with the typewriter and the duplicator, but today the possibilities with the pc are nearly endless. This development is visible in the examples that follow below. After several examples of programs the database will follow with the programs that were performed.

With Christmas even printed programs were used in the Hillegondakerk.
Programma Programma

It can occur that you don’t have a typewriter available, but fortunately you can always write.
Programma Programma 

In the winters it could get very cold. In those cases a warning in advance made sense.

Fortunately the Oude Kerk was near a restaurant so that afterwards you could take a warm drink.


Here are some examples in A4 format of programs that were used over the years..

Programma The passion and Easter time were usually combined in one performance.

When somebody celebrated his birthday, a festive touch was given to the occasion.

verjaardag inge
It was fun to occasionally do something special on the organ.
This program solely consisted of works that were not written for the organ.

santiago It takes some time to get accustomed to a program in Spanish

The purpose of this program was to play international organ works.

The reason is simple, the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is visited by many nationalities.
 Having worked with the familiar A4 format (29,7 x 21 cm) for years, it became time to switch to the A3 format (14,8 x 21 cm) more illustrations found their place.

Programma paasconcert overveen

……and of course colours appeared on the programs.
paasconcert overveen kerstconcert overveen

The backside of a program remains fascinating………
Programma kerstconcert overveen

Database programs

R.K. Kerk - Overveen

10-06-1984 18-05-1986 18-03-1989
24-05-1990 19-04-1992 24-11-1996
23-12-1984 09-11-1986 26-03-1989 03-06-1990 01-11-1992 30-03-1997
07-04-1985 25-12-1986 14-05-1989 11-11-1990 25-12-1992 27-10-1997
25-05-1985 19-04-1987 27-08-1989 25-12-1990 30-05-1993 12-04-1998
25-08-1985 31-10-1987 15-10-1989 31-03-1991 21-11-1993 05-06-1999
02-11-1985 25-12-1987 10-12-1989 28-09-1991 26-12-1993 22-12-1999
25-12-1985 03-04-1988 25-12-1989 25-12-1991 22-05-1994
31-03-1986 22-05-1988 19-05-1990 07-06-1992 26-05-1996

Oude Kerk - Heemstede

23-12-1980 18-04-1981 14-11-1981 29-05-1982 02-04-1983
25-05-1980 07-06-1981 23-12-1981 30-10-1982
30-11-1980 16-06-1981 10-04-1982 22-12-1982

Ger. Pinksterkerk - Heemstede


Grote Kerk - Den Haag


Grote of St Maartenskerk - Hillegom

21-05-1983 21-04-1984

Hartebrugkerk - Leiden


Hillegondakerk - Rotterdam

17-12-1966 21-12-1968 20-12-1969 19-12-1970

Meidoornkerk - Rotterdam


Duitse Kerk - Rotterdam


Citykerk "Het Steiger" - Rotterdam


Cathedral - Santiago de Compostela - Spanje


Notre-Dame - Chartres - Frankrijk


St. Jozefkerk - Bennebroek


Den Haag - Kerstuitvoeringen "De Vleugel"

 23-12-1983 18-12-1988 22-12-1990 19-12-1992 23-12-1995 20-12-1997
 21-12-1987 22-12-1989 21-12-1991 18-12-1993 21-12-1996 18-12-1999